Comedy Writer & Filmmaker


Ethan David is a comedy writer and filmmaker in New York City. His writing has been featured on ClickHole, Funny or Die, College Humor 2 and more.

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Ethan David is a comedy writer and filmmaker currently based in New York City. His writing can be seen on ClickHole, Funny or DieCollege Humor, and more. His pilot script, The Relief Effort, was a finalist in Comedy Central’s Yes And Laughter Lab. He cofounded Jomey Productions with Jorja Hudson, where together they have worked on the sketch comedy web series Low Budget Sketch Show (NYC Independent Film Festival, HollyWeb Festival) and the pilot script Millennial Divorce Club (Catalyst Content Festival). Ethan has also created several videos for Quickie Fest, a festival for one-minute films.

For three seasons, Ethan was a writer for BoogieManja, a monthly sketch comedy show at the Peoples Improv Theatre. Other live shows Ethan has written for include UCB Sketch Cram, UCB Backyard Brawl, NYC SketchFest, and The Flying Blind Sketch Show. He studied sketch comedy and improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in the advanced study program.